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a- Competencia internacional de largometrajes:




b- Competencia internacional de cortometrajes:




-Premio del público al mejor cortometraje

-Mejor videoclip

c.- Categorías individuales:






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1.- The submissions to the FestMedallo are open for feature films and short films of fiction, animation and documentary, national and international.

2.- The films can be of any subject.

3.- The filmmaker can enter as many films as he wants.

4.- The length of short films is less than 40 minutes; for feature films it will be over 41 minutes.

5.- Productions have to be presented in the original language, but with subtitles in Spanish or English if that is not the language of the film.

6.- The FestMedallo will be held from February10 to 13, 2022, in Medellín (Colombia).

7.- FestMedallo declines any responsibility regarding the infringement of images, people and audio that are in the film without proper authorization.

8.- Movies that attack any group, show discriminatory material and / or violate the dignity of the people will not be accepted.

9.- The works presented must be original, own of the author or authors that present them.

10.- Participants accept both the exhibition at FestMedallo and the reproduction and / or dissemination of fragments of their works for informative purposes and / or promotion related to the festival.

11.- The Representatives of the films that are OFFICIAL SELECTION accept that, after the celebration of the FestMedallo, the trailers or fragments of their works can be exhibited in the channels of diffusion of the organization, that is, page and social networks of the Festival , for informative and / or promotion purposes related to the festival.

12.- The films produced outside Colombia that happen to be in the OFFICIAL SELECTION, it is understandable and logical that they can´t come to the FestMedallo. For all this, the director and the technical-actoral team are asked to send a thank-you video to show on social networks as well as at the Awards Gala.

13.- The inscriptions must be sent by means of ONLINE procedure in the allied page Film Freeway. (which supports Vimeo links). The festival must receive the confirmation of participation through this platform, which includes an online link. The participant must ensure that the password does not change until the Festival ends. No registration other than ONLINE will be accepted through this platform.



The registration fee for the films is:

- May deadline: before May 22: Feature films: $ 12; Short films: $ 11

- June deadline: before June 19: Feature films: $ 13; Short films: $ 11,5

- July deadline: before July 19: Feature films: $ 14; Short films: $ 12

- August deadline: before August 19: Feature films: $ 15; Short Films: $ 13

- September deadline: before September 19: Feature Films: $ 16; Short films: $ 14

- October deadline: before October 19: Feature Films: $ 17; Short films: $ 15

- November deadline: before November 19: Feature Films: $ 18; Short films: $ 15,5

- December deadline: before December 15: Feature Films: $ 18,5; Short films: $ 16

- January deadline: before January 10: Feature Films: $ 19; Short films: $ 16,5

- Final January deadline: before January 31: Feature Films: $ 19,5; Short films: $ 17



The organization of the FestMedallo will make an OFFICIAL SELECTION that will be made public through social networks from February 03, 2022. The representatives of the films will also be notified by email.

The films will be exhibited in free public sessions in the festival halls, at the times and dates that appear in the official program of the FestMedallo or, as the case may be, according to the organization of the festival.

After the film is OFFICIAL SELECTION can not be removed from the Festival's programming.

During the celebration of FestMedallo, the organization reserves the right to exhibit the films OFFICIAL SELECTION at all the venues of the festival, at no cost to the organization.



The jury will be composed of prominent representatives of Colombian and Latin American cinematography.

The jury and / or organization reserve the right to modify the rules or declare the festival or any category declared deserted if it deems fit.

The jury will evaluate the films of the Official Selection and will award a score in different sections, from the script, direction, photography, interpretation, etc.



a- International Competition for Feature Films:




b- International Short Film Competition:

-Fiction Short film

-Documentary Short film

-Animation Short film

-Public Prize for Best Short Film

-Best video clip

-Script (Feature & Short film)

-Web Serie or New Media

c.- Individual categories:






There can be no shared prizes (ex-aequo). A category can be considered deserted if there is no necessary quorum of films for the section or because of the low quality of the films.

The decisions made by the Festival and by the jury are final.



Taking part in the contest presupposes acceptance of these rules.



The date and place of the FestMedallo can be modified by the organization, which will be communicated to the interested parties with sufficient time in advance.

The organization reserves the right to modify one or more points of these bases as well as their interpretation in case of doubt.

Any issue not foreseen in the bases will be solved by the organization of the festival.